Show Version and Description tags for DLL files in the Details Pane in Vista

The Details Pane located at the bottom of Windows Explorer, displays a set of the file’s properties for any selected file. By default the Details Pane does not display File Version and Description tags for DLL files. But here is a registry hack to display the required tags in the Details Pane.

This can be done by adding a String value named PreviewDetails in the following branch:


and setting the Value data for PreviewDetails to:


To automate the setting, download the file and save to Desktop. Unzip the file and extract dll-preview.reg to a folder. Right-click on the file and choose Merge. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

Open Windows Explorer, and browse to your Windows\System32 folder. Select a DLL file from the list and verify if the Details Pane shows the File information and Description Meta tags.

More Information

The list of Properties (prop:) types are available in the Shell Properties page at MSDN. I’ve also covered this subject earlier in my MVPS.ORG Website. See articles ToolTips do not display complete information about files that are located on a network share and Customize the details shown in the “Details” portion of the Web view.

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