Search… command in the context menu for drives and folders is removed Windows Vista SP1 and higher, and in Windows 7. REF: Overview of Windows Vista desktop search Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1. However, the missing option can be restored using a registry edit.

Thanks to the The SBS Diva blog for publishing the solution on how to restore the Search option in the context menu. For more information, see their blog post Have SP1? Want your search back?

It says to delete the LegacyDisable registry value in this location:


Let me add that, to restore the Search… option for drives, you also need to delete the LegacyDisable value in this branch:


Registry fix

This might very well become one of the most frequently asked questions in Windows 7/Vista. So, here is a .reg file (based on the above registry edit) which automates the work for you. Download shellfind.reg and save it to Desktop. Right-click shellfind.reg and choose Merge.

The Search… context menu option should now be visible when you right-click a file system folder or a drive.

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  1. PR
    said this on Friday, July 19th 2013 11:01 pm

    Nice tip. Now can this be done to search the Network icon on the classic Desktop?

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