Microsoft Newsgroup Setup Instructions for Windows Live Mail

Earlier we saw how to access Microsoft Newsgroup using Windows Mail. If you’re using Windows Live Mail, it’s even more easier, as Microsoft Communities Newsgroup account is already built-in to Windows Live Mail. You just need to customize it and pick the necessary groups from the listing.

1. Start Windows Live Mail

2. From the Tools menu (press ALT + T to show the Tools menu), click Accounts.

3. Select the Microsoft Communities news server and click Properties


4. Type in your name (this name will be displayed in your newsgroup posts), and the email address. Never use your primary email address in the newsgroups as it invites spam. Use an obfuscated ID instead. Click OK to close the dialog.

5. Click the Newsgroups tab on the left.

6. You’ll be prompted to set Windows Live Mail as the default news client. Click Yes if you want to set Windows Live Mail as the default news handler.

7. Click the View Newsgroups button on the right pane. Alternately, click the Newsgroups button at the top.

8. Select the Newsgroups from the list and click OK.

Selecting a newsgroup downloads last 300 message headers from the group. You can increase the number of headers to download, via the Windows Live Mail Options dialog, which can be accessed from the Tools menu.

One thought on “Microsoft Newsgroup Setup Instructions for Windows Live Mail

  1. Step 4 is inadequate. Only the General Tab is explained.
    Step 4 must also include setup instructions for the other tabs; Server, Connection, and Advanced.

    Step 5 – What Newsgroup tab ? , where ? , to the Left of What ?

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