Internet Explorer Does Not Open Links to Audio or Video Files

When you click on a hyperlink to a media file in Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player would automatically open and start playing the file. This functionality may get disabled when you install a third-party player, and you get the error Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage when clicking on a hyperlink to an audio or video file. However, you may be able to download the file locally by right-clicking on the hyperlink and choosing Save Target as option.

This happens if the file type association and/or the MIME settings have been altered by a third-party application you may have installed. To fix the MIME and file association settings (reset WMP as the default), use these steps:

Windows XP

1. Click Start, click Set Program Access and Defaults

2. Click Custom

3. Select Windows Media Player


4. Click OK

Windows Vista

1. Click Start, select Default Programs

2. Click Set program access and computer defaults

3. Click Custom, and select Windows Media Player

4. Click OK.

Then, follow these steps:

5. Click Set your default programs

6. Select Windows Media Player from the list

7. Click Set this program as default

8. Click OK.

Note: Also configure third-party player so that it does not takeover the media file associations again.

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  1. You all are wonderful! I have searched Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player websites and found nothing related to my problem. The steps you provided worked perfectly and my problem is solved. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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    I hope they pay you guys and gals what you’re worth!! I was fooling arounf trying to get the media player to work for hours. Then I found your site and: Worked perfectly! Thanks soooo much!

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