When you open Performance Information and Tools – Windows Experience Index page and click the View and print detailed performance and system information link, one of the following symptoms may occur and the intended page doesn’t display correctly:

Symptom 1: Nothing happens

Symptom 2: Error "Could not display details page" occurs

Symptom 3: Notepad opens with some HTML code


Clicking the View and print detailed performance and system information link launches a HTA file which should display the "More details about my computer" page. But the above symptoms occur if the HTA file is blocked from running, possible due to an anti-malware tool or HTA/Script-blocker tool installed in the system. Certain third-party security suites prevent execution of HTA files by intentionally associating them with Notepad, instead of MSHTA.EXE.

To fix the problem, disable the HTA blockers if installed in the system or reconfigure accordingly. In most cases we’ve seen, this had to do with incorrect HTA association. Download hta_fix_w7.zip unzip and run the appropriate REG file for your version of Windows 7. (Run the x86 fix for Windows 7 32-bit, and run the x64 fix for Windows 7 64-bit.)

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