Fix RSS feed update problems by resetting the feeds database in Internet Explorer 7

Lately, Internet Explorer 7 feed synchronization has stopped working in my Windows Vista computer. The Refresh All command from the Feeds explorer dialog in Internet Explorer did nothing. And manually refreshing the feeds using the msfeedssync command-line did not help either. Using Process Explorer, I could see the msfeedssync.exe process running for a second and terminating.

When searching the net for a solution, I came across a great tip Feeds not updating? from the Microsoft RSS Blog. But in my case, the problem was not with the feed synchronization task or the Task Scheduler, but a corrupted Feed store database (FeedsStore.feedsdb-ms). I exported the Feeds to a .OPML file using Internet Explorer’s Import and Export Wizard, deleted the Feeds database (and subscribed feeds) and then re-imported the Feeds. That fixed the problem!


Step 1Export RSS feeds in Internet Explorer

Step 2 – Reset the Feeds store

Use these steps to reset the Feeds database:

1. You must close all instances of Internet Explorer first.

2. Then, open the following folder:


(Type the above path in Start, Search box and press ENTER. The above folder contains the list of Feeds that you subscribed to, using Internet Explorer 7.)

Note: In Windows XP, the Feeds store is located in the following folder:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Feeds

3. Delete all files in that folder.

Step 3Re-import the RSS feeds using the .opml file you created in Step 1

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3 thoughts on “Fix RSS feed update problems by resetting the feeds database in Internet Explorer 7

  1. What worked for me was going closing WLM, going into Task Manager and ending the msfeedssync command, then reopening WLM and doing an “Update All” under send/receive. The msfeedssync command restarted in Task Manager and all my feeds came through. I don’t like to delete anything because all of my feeds are categorized into sub folders. Hope this helps you out!

  2. but resetting feed store will also delete the previously downloaded feeds

    i also had the same issue,

    you can resubscribe by importing the backed up opml file, but the previously downloaded content of feeds might not be available

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