When you click the Windows Explorer shortcut which is Pinned to the Taskbar, or when running explorer.exe directly in Windows 7, the following error message may be displayed with text "explorer.exe" in the title bar.

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

And using the WinKey + E key sequence causes "Unspecified error"

However, Windows Explorer may launch correctly when including additional switches such as /e or /n with explorer.exe, or double-click the (My) Computer icon. This problem occurs due to missing data in the "HKCR\Folders" registry key.

Registry Fix

To fix the problem download Folder association fix (via) unzip and run the REG file. You should be able to start Windows Explorer correctly!

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  1. Landon
    said this on Tuesday, April 15th 2014 8:28 am

    Wow. I’ve tried literally everything. I’ve searched and searched for a solution to this problem. Microsoft support was trying to make me pay $99 for a fix. THANK YOU!

  2. William
    said this on Monday, March 31st 2014 7:47 am

    Thank you soooo much!!!!!

  3. Jefferson
    said this on Monday, March 3rd 2014 8:19 am

    Thanks a lot. It solve my problem with my computer. :))

  4. daniel
    said this on Tuesday, December 24th 2013 11:24 am

    This is amazing, I can open my explorer again after searching for many other problem solutions. This one really works! Great!

  5. Sandro
    said this on Monday, December 2nd 2013 10:06 pm

    Ramesh, i don’t imagine how do you have found this solution but i’m very grateful beacause thanks it i’ve solved.


  6. matt
    said this on Thursday, November 14th 2013 9:06 pm

    Ran sfc /scannow and it found problems but was unable to fix! I merged your registry fix into the registry. I can now access windows explorer!

    Thank you for this fix, works great.

  7. jennifer
    said this on Monday, June 10th 2013 10:52 am

    I was wondering if you could help me. When I try to open my downloads file I get the same error message. I was uninstalling programs on my computer and I know I was the cause of this problem…just not exactly sure how to fix it. I am running windows 7 thank you

  8. Pam
    said this on Friday, May 17th 2013 10:25 pm

    I bow to your greatness, Ramesh! I’ve been looking for a solution for WEEKS. Note to others (and hopefully indexed by search engines): this fix helped me solve an error with {26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683}.

  9. Isobel
    said this on Saturday, May 11th 2013 8:44 pm

    Yay! It works! Thanks so much…

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