Fix: File and Folder Names Aligned to the Left Instead of Center in Windows 10

After installing the Anniverary Update, you would have noticed that the file and folder name text are aligned to the left instead of being centered. Here is how it appears after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the issue still exists in Creators Update and Fall Creators Update.

file folder names aligned to left instead of center

This looks very ugly, and nobody knows why Microsoft changed the text alignment to “left”. You can however, with a registry tweak, make the file and folder names align center.

Fix: Registry Tweak to Center align file and folder name text

1. Download

2. Unzip and run windows_10_center_align_folder_icons_text.reg

The folder view flags registry value “FFlags“, when set to “43200000”, the file/folder names are aligned to the center. This is what the registry fix does. Anniversary Update sets the FFlags to “41200001” (left align).

3. After applying the registry fix, Restart the Explorer shell for the change to take effect.

Here is how the alignment looks like, now!

file folder names aligned to center instead of left

Want to restore defaults?

Want to revert back to the default setting.. which is “left” align? Run the other REG file enclosed in the Zip file, which restores the default settings.

Note that both the REG files reset the folder view settings which you can always customize later.

That’s it!

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