After your computer has been idle for a while, the logon screen may appear and you’re prompted to type the password of your user account to log on. To disable this setting so that you don’t need to type the password after waking from sleep mode or resuming from screensaver mode in Windows 7 and Windows Vista PCs, use the steps listed below.

Disabling Password Protection on Wakeup [Power Management]

1. Click Start, type POWERCFG.CPL and press {ENTER}

2. In the tasks pane on the left, click Require a password on wakeup

3. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable

4. Under Password protection on wakeup, select Don’t require a password

5. Click Save changes.

Disabling Password Protection when Resuming from Screensaver

1. Right-click on the Desktop, and choose Personalize

2. Click Screen Saver

3. Uncheck On resume, display logon screen

4. Click OK

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  1. Lucky Sngher
    said this on Thursday, September 16th 2010 9:36 am

    this is so useful when updating your PC after clean intsall
    Than you

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