What is the Coffee Cup icon in Windows 10 Start menu?

The Start screen in the Windows 10 Creators Update Preview Build 14997 shows a strange coffee cup icon on the top right corner, as you can see in this image.

Start menu coffee cup icon
Windows 10 Start screen coffee cup icon

There is no official information on it anywhere at the Microsoft site, and one can’t expect an answer from Microsoft at this stage, as 14997 is a build which didn’t come from the official delivery channels in the first place. 14997 is a leaked build which first appeared in betaarchive.com forums and later available from many other file sharing sites.

What’s the coffee cup icon on the Windows 10 Start menu?

Well. Nobody knows what the icon is about, yet. And the icon is not hyperlinked and no info tip is shown on hover.

Stay tuned to this page as I’ll update it once I get some info (official or unofficial) on the strange looking icon. Hopefully, we’ll know it by January 2017 when the next official insider preview build comes out.

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