How to Enable Adware or PUA Protection in Microsoft Security Essentials

You can enable PUA or adware protection in Windows Defender using different methods explained in the article How to Enable PUA, PUP or Adware Protection in Windows Defender. But, if you’re still using Windows 7 and relying on Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for real-time antivirus protection, this post has the info on how to enable adware, PUP or PUA protection in MSE.Read more

Setting the Photos Screensaver As Logon Screensaver in Windows Vista and Windows 7

The Photos screensaver that comes in-built in Windows Vista and higher, can be used as the logon screensaver as well. The logon screensaver kicks off after the specified wait time in the logon screen when no user is logged on. There are instructions all over the web on how to apply the screensaver settings to the logon desktop in Windows 2000 and XP systems. The steps meant for Windows XP don’t work in the latest Operating Systems, and if you apply those steps for Windows Vista/7 and higher, all you get is a blank screen in the logon desktop after the wait time.

For Windows Vista and higher, implementation of the logon screensaver setting is slightly different. This post guides you through the process.Read more

How to Show a Warning Message When Users Try to Modify LNK File Association in Windows 7 and Vista

I’m not sure why people try to associate shortcuts (.lnk files) with different programs using the Default Programs applet in Windows 7/Vista. Doing so would break the functionality of Shortcuts, and you need to edit the registry manually or apply the .lnk file association fix (Windows 7 / Vista) to straighten things up. And why in the first place does Default Programs allow users to change the setting for .lnk and other system file types? .lnk, .exe, .com …etc. are system file types should not be associated with any application. Windows knows how to handle them.Read more

What Causes “Unsaved Theme” to Show Up in Themes Listing in Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

A desktop theme contains various settings such as cursors, icons, wallpaper, screensaver and other UI settings. It’s obvious that when one of those theme parameters is changed, Windows saves the customized setting in a separate theme file named Custom.theme, which is displayed in the Personalization window as "Unsaved Theme". "Unsaved Theme" Reappears Automatically After Deleting? … Read more

Wevtutil Error “The specified channel could not be found” when clearing an Event Log File

If you’re receiving the following error when trying to clear an event log file using Wevtutil.exe CLI tool, then you’re most likely using an incorrect log file name parameter: Failed to clear log <logfile>. The specified channel could not be found. Check channel configuration. For example, the event log file name and the display name … Read more