Increase Lock Screen Display Off Timeout in Windows 10

The lock screen which exists in Windows 8 and higher is an additional screen with a background image. The lock screen, which conceals the login screen, shows the time and date, quick status of running apps and the current Windows Spotlight image details.

After 60 seconds of no user activity, the lock screen display turns off to conserve power. This timeout applies when you lock the device or workstation, as well as during startup.Read more

How to Automatically Take a Screenshot and Open it in a Editor?

Using the WinKey and Prnt Scrn keystroke is probably the fastest way to take a full screenshot and automatically save it to a file, in Windows 8 and higher. When using this method, the screenshot image contains your entire screen including the Taskbar and everything. And in most cases you may have to crop the image before sending or sharing it with someone, so that only the relevant portion is shown.Read more