How to Exit Explorer and Restart Explorer in Windows 10 and Windows 8?

Earlier we learnt how to exit and restart explorer shell safely in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It’s much simpler in Windows 8 and Windows 10, where the hidden "Exit Explorer" option is moved to the Taskbar context menu instead of the Start menu. Also, Task Manager has a new command in Windows 8 and Windows 10 that lets you do this task in a jiffy. The two methods are covered in this article.Read more

How to Find the Current Wallpaper File Name and Path in Windows 8 and 10

Finding the currently displayed wallpaper file name or path is not a straight forward task in Windows, especially if you have desktop slideshow enabled. This is because Windows copies the source image to a different location and renames it as TranscodedWallpaper.JPG, and marks the reference in the registry. This post tells you how to find the current wallpaper file name and path in Windows 8 and higher.Read more