How to Pin Recent folders or Recent Places to the Navigation Pane in Windows 10 File Explorer

The Recent Places shell folder that showed up under the Favorites area in the navigation pane in earlier Windows OS, is not shown by default in Windows 10. Windows 10’s Quick access (which replaces Favorites in earlier Windows OS) shows the "Frequently" used folders rather than the "Recently" opened folders, even though the Recent Places shell folder still exists in Windows 10.Read more

Fix Windows Photo Viewer Opens Multiple Windows When Multiple Files are Selected in Windows 10

You may be wondering why Windows Photo Viewer which previously opened images in a single window instance when multiple files were selected and previewed, is now opening up separate windows one for each image file selected. The Windows Photo Viewer multiple instances problem that’s seen usually in Windows 10, is not due to any design change and no functionality is broken. It’s a simple file type association setting and fixing it that can straighten things up.

Selecting multiple files in a folder, right-clicking and selecting preview should open a single Windows Photo Viewer window and the user can cycle through the chosen set of images using the arrow keys. This is the expected behavior, and that’s how Windows Photo Viewer worked in earlier OS.Read more

Remove Quick access and User Folders from File Explorer in Windows 10

The File Explorer in Windows 8 and 10 by default displays at the top those six shell folders, and a couple of shell folders pinned on to the navigation pane.

The six shell folders namely Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos show up above the fold not only cluttering the area but pushing the disk drives category down, which some users dislike.Read more

Using MpCmdRun.exe to Update Windows Defender and Run a Quick Scan in One Go

The Windows Defender command-line utility MpCmdRun.exe is prominently used for scheduling scans and updating the signature or definition files. The MpCmdRun.exe command usage info can be obtained by running MpCmdRun.exe with "/?" or without any parameter. However it doesn’t mention a useful switch that updates Windows Defender signatures and runs a Quick Scan at once. And this switch is not documented anywhere thus far.Read more

Windows 10 Personalization Page Shows Only 24 Choices for Background Color (Workarounds)

If you prefer solid color desktop background instead of a shiny desktop wallpaper, note that the new Personalization settings page in Windows 10 displays only 24 color choices for background color, and the color picker is no longer available. Color picker is a valuable tool wherein you can choose you preferred shade, as well as input the Red : Green : Blue (RGB) values to make up a custom color. This is missing in the new user interface, but there are some excellent workarounds for this problem.

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