How to Open Excel Hyperlinks (to Folders) Without Showing the Navigation Pane in Explorer


When you click on a hyperlink in Excel that points to a folder location, it always opens the folder with navigation pane enabled, even if the user has disabled the navigation pane. This is because Excel invokes the "explore" verb instead of “open”, when launching a hyperlink to a folder. To prevent the navigation pane from being shown when clicking a hyperlink in Excel, use the steps:Read more

How to Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox?


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File Explorer Menus and Layout Reversed, Becoming Right-to-Left

File Explorer

Here is an interesting issue that appeared in the Microsoft forums. File Explorer showed up a mirrored or reversed layout, that is Right-to-Left as in Arabic versions. Also, the right-click menu options showed some Arabic text for some users.

It turns out to be WinRar that caused the UI and menus to go Right-to-Left. This was found out by user somms92 at the Microsoft forums. Uninstalling WinRar solved the problem in this case, and also for three other posters who had the same problem.

This problem seems to exist particularly in WinRar version 5.31. And WinRar’s Release notes mentions about the interface improvements for Right-to-Left languages.

From WinRar v5.31 Release Notes.

It says "Interface improvements for right to left languages". So something has gone haywire in v5.31 either in the recent coding or packaging.

Update (Feb 25 2016): This issue occurs if the user has installed the Arabic version of WinRar in an English-language version of Windows. To resolve the issue without uninstalling WinRar, delete all the *.lng files in WinRAR folder, which is located at:

C:\Program Files\WinRar


C:\Program Files (x86)\WinRar

…depending upon the version of WinRar you installed and the bitness of your OS.

winrar lng-files

After deleting the all the files with .lng extension, restart Windows.