The Desktop (create shortcut) option in the Send To menu helps you quickly add a shortcut to a file or folder on your Desktop. Here is a VBScript that adds the Quick Launch (create shortcut) option to the Send To menu. Clicking this option creates a shortcut to a file or folder in the Quick Launch toolbar. The script below works fine in Windows XP and Windows Vista systems.

Note: Windows Vista already includes the Add to Quick Launch command in the context menu which sends a shortcut to a file or folder to the Quick Launch toolbar. And we have made available the Add to Quick Launch context menu option for Windows XP, using a script. If you need the "Quick Launch (create shortcut)" option in the Send To menu, follow the instructions in this article.

Add "Quick Launch (create shortcut)" to the Send To menu

1. Download and save the file to the Desktop.

2. Unzip the file and extract SendToQuickLaunch.vbs to the Windows directory.

3. Double-click SendToQuickLaunch.vbs to run it.

4. Press ENTER when you see the following prompt:

Quick Launch (create shortcut) entry is added to the Send To menu.

Undo Information

To remove the entry, run SendToQuickLaunch.vbs, type UNINSTALL and press ENTER. Then delete the file SendToQuickLaunch.vbs manually from the Windows folder.


Adding the "Add to Quick Launch" context menu option in Windows XP

Adding a context menu option for shortcuts to explores the Quick Launch folder

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  1. said this on Wednesday, February 13th 2013 12:01 pm

    Here’s an easy installer that works:

  2. Will
    said this on Thursday, December 1st 2011 2:22 am

    I attempted to run the Quick Launch shortcut add in in Windows &. It did not work. I manually copied the file to c:\windows folder and clicked in order to install it. All went well, except I don’t think it worked. The entry for Quick Launch menu does not appear in the ‘Send To’ notice. Is there a way to make the file work in Windows 7 64-bit ?

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