In Windows Explorer .mp3 associates with Windows Media Player. In Media Player it shows that it will handle .mp3 files. QuickTime Player shows that it does not handle .mp3 files. But when I click a link to an .mp3 file in Internet Explorer it plays the file using QuickTime, instead of launching Windows Media Player. What can I do to fix this?


MIME settings for .mp3 file type

  • Launch QuickTime Player
  • From the Edit menu, choose Preferences
  • Click QuickTime Preferences...
  • Select the Browser tab, and click MIME Settings...
  • Expand the section MPEG - MPEG system, video, and audio files
  • Uncheck the entry named MPEG audio
  • Also, uncheck the entire MP3 - MPEG layer III movies and streams section
  • Click OK

Re-associate .mp3 file types with Windows Media Player

  • Launch Windows Media Player
  • From the Tools menu, click Options
  • Select the File Types tab
  • Uncheck MP3 audio file (mp3), and click Apply
  • Recheck MP3 audio file (mp3), and click Apply
  • Click OK

Now, Windows Media Player should launch when you click on a .mp3 link in your web browser.